Norco College ACE program delivers another highly trained individual to the workforce

“If you only remember one piece of advice, remember to be the best student possible. Yes, this program is intense, but it will help you get the job you want. It worked for me.”   

– Michael Anguiano
ACE Graduate & New Intelligrated Employee

Michael Anguiano recently graduated from the ACE (Accelerated Certificate & Employment) program. By attending a full-time program, he received his certificate in Industrial Automation in less than 7 months.  After completing the 28 unit program, Michael interviewed and was offered a job with Intelligrated in Ontario, CA. His new skills, positive attitude, and persistence help him land the job of his dreams.

Norco College, host of the NCSCTE, created the Accelerated Certificate & Employment (ACE) program which offers accelerated certificates with an occupational emphasis. Norco College trains residents for careers in high-demand occupations, such as Automated Systems Technician, Computer Numerical Control Programmer, and Electrician. These programs offer the education and training necessary to lead individuals directly to employment.