Future of Work

The National Center for Supply Chain Automation (SCA) is industry-driven and seeks input, direction and strategic advice from the Industry Leadership Team (ILT). The ILT consists of supply chain industry leaders and stakeholders who develop or utilize automated material handling equipment and systems. Team members include engineering & facilities executives, supply chain training professionals, automated material handling systems integrators, executives from package shipping firms and industry association leaders focused on workforce development. Firms involved in the ILT have a demand for 1,000+ skilled Technicians annually and employ over 10,000 skilled technicians nationally.

  • Members contribute and collaborate with SCA by actively participating in ILT meetings, attending and supporting the annual symposium, contributing to certification development and by identifying opportunities for the center to engage stakeholders. Some of the ways ILT members contribute include:

    • • Identifying required technical skill sets needed by industry
      • Providing input on curriculum development and certifications
      • Facilitating introductions with other stakeholders in the field
      • Help align SCA programs with national industry standards
      • Providing advice and guidance on strategic issues
      • Promoting SCA and proactively raising center visibility with industry
      • Hosting facility tours and workforce development forums
      • Facilitating the hiring of student interns and technician program graduates
      • Speaking as subject matter experts to students and academics
      • Donating needed resources to partner schools
      • Providing industry support letters for grant funding requests
  • If you have an interest in becoming and ILT member or want to learning more about SCA role in building the technician workforce of the future, contact with Steve Harrington, Industry Liaison, at 909-240-5501, steve@supplychainautomation.com.