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Are you a post-secondary educator in Mechatronics/Industrial Engineering who is interested in adding an additional high-demand career option to your existing program? Are you a high school counselor or teacher who wants to expose your students to the high-demand, high-paying jobs in Supply Chain Automation?

SCA grows the future supply chain workforce by advising educational institutions who are preparing students for jobs as supply chain technicians. The Center works with educators across the U.S. to make sure programs are set up to meet the needs of industry through skills-based learning, practical classroom time, and industry input. Connect with us to stay informed about program best practices, cutting edge technologies, and model programs of study that help increase your programs’ success in delivering the right skills at the local level.

With over 150 community college partners and nearly 50 industry collaborators the Center strives to develop education/ industry relationships that bring increasing numbers of supply chain technicians to work in some of the most technologically advanced supply chains nationally.

In 2019, the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC) with SCA and its partners are launching the Certified Technician – Supply Chain Automation industry-endorsed certification. Credentialing increases students’ incentive to complete a technical program and increases their employability and potential for career opportunities, while providing a baseline to validate entry level workers’ skills and a tool to that assesses the skills of existing workers.

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As an NSF-funded Center, we are able to provide a detailed eTextbook, white papers, and research reports at no cost to you.

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