From AI to blockchain to mechatronics, Supply Chain Automation (SCA) is a growing field where certification programs, technical degree programs, and continuing education training are necessary to keep up with the pace of technology and to prepare the next generation of the supply chain workforce.

Supply Chain educators must stay apprised of the latest SCA technologies, and in turn, companies that rely on automation need access to highly skilled, trained employees.

The National Center for Supply Chain Automation unites industry and education in our mission to increase the number of qualified supply chain technicians to meet the growing national need. We build industry connections with experts to inform educators of the latest trends and technologies that are transforming supply chains, while providing companies in the materials handling industry opportunities to shape the future workforce through curriculum advisories, hands-on learning events, and networking opportunities.

The Center tracks best practices and successful models in supply chain education. These models can be replicated and scaled, thereby increasing the capacity, relevance, and currency of supply chain automation education programs nationally.
Additionally, our partnerships with cutting-edge companies in the supply chain industry support successful program development.

We provide the resources educators need to establish new programs or enrich existing programs. Connect with our program team to learn more about how we can support your efforts as an educator or automation industry leader to build the 21st century supply-chain workforce.

Our Mission

The National Center for Supply Chain Automation works to increase the number of highly skilled supply chain technicians to meet the growing national need for automation workers.

Our 4 Major Objectives

A nationwide partnership has established the National Center for Supply Chain Automation. The goal of the Center is to increase the number of qualified supply chain technicians to meet the growing national need across the private and public supply chains. We focus on 4 main objectives while we work toward that goal.


Implement model 2+2 supply chain automation career pathways through high school and community college partnerships nationally to meet the need for educated technicians.


Convene supply chain automation stakeholders via a National Symposium event to enhance collaboration and deliver professional development.


Disseminate information and product deliverables to audiences that include secondary and post-secondary educators, industry and current and potential Supply Chain Technicians.


Establish and promote stackable national industry certifications in Supply Chain Automation, which are validated and recognized by industry.

The National Science Foundation

This Center is sponsored by the National Science Foundation’s Advanced Technological Education Program under Award No. 1601452. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations presented on our digital platforms are only those of the presenter grantee/researcher, author, or agency employee and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

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