NCSCA YouTube Videos

  • Paul Perkins Amatrol Skill Boss Logistics & CT-SCA

    Paul Perkins of Amatrol overviews eLearning and Hardware solutions to support MSSC CT-SCA certification training

  • Neil Reddy MSSC CT-SCA Overview

    Neil Reddy of MSSC on the Supply Chain Automation Certified Technician certification. Based on work done by National Center for Supply Chain Automation

  • Steve Harrington NCSCA Overview & CT-SCA Role

    Steve Harrington of the National Center for Supply Chain Automation overviews the NSF funded centers efforts to establish competencies to define the job of a Supply Chain Automation Technician. As well as the resources the center offers and ways viewers can participate. You can download the updated presentation here.

  • Kiva Warehouse Robotics

  • Cardinal Health ILS Move It

  • Sobeys 'Delivering The Future' automated case picking and palletizing system by WITRON

  • Amazon Unveils its Eighth Generation Fulfillment Center

  • What is a Supply Chain Technician?

  • Material Handling as a Career

  • SCA Your Next Career