NCSCA YouTube Videos

  • Exploring Connections with Active Military and Veterans for Technology Programs

    Cutting-edge programs across the country often struggle to “fill the seats,” despite strong industry demand for technically trained students. One potential market for accessing technology students is the military community. In 2019, DoD data shows that 80 percent of the 1.3 million active-duty enlisted service members had a high school/GED or some college. This workshop will focus on the various entry points to the military market from Voluntary Education Programs for active duty servicemembers, their families, and veterans to SkillBridge programs for transitioning soldiers as well as connection and recruiting experiences for credit bearing through certificate programs.

  • The Evolution of Training for Supply Chain Automation Technicians

    Industry 4.0 introduced technologies that have impacted supply chain efforts to move goods from the manufacturer to the customer in the shortest possible timeframe. To support and operate these systems, the industry needs skilled technicians with the necessary education. The Collaboration of Midwest Professionals for Logistics Engineering Technology Education is providing that education through an NSF grant project in which they developed their logistics engineering technology program, and through subsequent efforts in which they created their work-study program and expanded the program with partner institutions (COMPLETE grant). The presenters discuss how the collaboration led to the revision of the National Center for Supply Chain Automation’s two-year program in supply chain automation.

  • Paul Perkins Amatrol Skill Boss Logistics & CT-SCA

    Paul Perkins of Amatrol overviews eLearning and Hardware solutions to support MSSC CT-SCA certification training

  • Neil Reddy MSSC CT-SCA Overview

    Neil Reddy of MSSC on the Supply Chain Automation Certified Technician certification. Based on work done by National Center for Supply Chain Automation

  • Steve Harrington NCSCA Overview & CT-SCA Role

    Steve Harrington of the National Center for Supply Chain Automation overviews the NSF funded centers efforts to establish competencies to define the job of a Supply Chain Automation Technician. As well as the resources the center offers and ways viewers can participate. You can download the updated presentation here.

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  • What is a Supply Chain Technician?

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