Frequently Asked Questions


  • 1.

    Does the SCA center teach courses?

    No. The center develops training modules that schools can adopt and incorporate into their new or existing programs.

  • 2.

    Does the SCA center teach programs?

    No. The center develops training modules that schools can adopt and incorporate into their new or existing programs.

  • 3.

    Does the SCA center certify students?

    No. The training modules developed by the center can be used to prepare students for various industry certifications.

  • 4.

    Does the SCA center conduct research?

    Yes. The center conducts research on the latest trends and challenges facing our nation’s supply chain.

  • 5.

    What educational resources does the SCA center provide?

    Research data, training modules, teaching materials, and staff development.

  • 6.

    How can I contact the SCA center?

    Visit our contact page here! We'd love to hear from you.

  • 7.

    Does the SCA center provide training for faculty?

    Yes. Workshops are held as the need is identified.

  • 8.

    What is a supply chain technician?

    A person who installs, operates, supports, upgrades or maintains the automated material handling equipment and systems that support the supply chain.

  • 9.

    What are the goals and objectives of the SCA center?

    Visit our About Us page to learn more. About the NCSCA.

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    How can I sign up to receive the newsletter?

    Subscribe to our newsletter here.

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    Can I submit research that I have already completed?

    Yes. Please forward your submission to Valorie Piper.

  • 12.

    Will the SCA center help me develop a program for my school?

    Yes. The National Center can facilitate the development of new programs. Please contact Valorie Piper.

  • 13.

    What is the Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Program?

    With an emphasis on 2-year colleges, the National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education (ATE) program focuses on the education of technicians for the high technology fields that drive our nation’s economy. Learn more about ATE.

  • 14.

    What is the NVC?

    The National Visiting Committee advises, assesses, and advocates to ensure that the National Center operates strategically and in alignment with SCA’s approved project scope. Visit the NVC page here.

  • 15.

    What is the Industry Leadership Team?

    The Industry Leadership Team is a group of committed professionals within the Supply Chain Automation field that advise NCSCA on skills requirements and educational standards needed for emerging jobs in the supply chain industry.