Educator Professional Development

As an educator of the next generation of the supply chain workforce, staying apprised of the latest technologies in supply chain automation (SCA) is critical to your role.  From AI to blockchain to mechatronics, SCA is a growing field where certification programs, technical degree programs, and continuing education training are necessary to keep up with the pace of technology. SCA educators need opportunities to network with peers and interact with industry experts who are on the cutting edge of future advances.

The National Center for Supply Chain Automation is an NSF-funded Center which offers instructional resources to educators at no cost, including:

  • Annual National Symposium – a national gathering of supply chain and materials handling technology educators and logistics industry leaders.
  • MentorConnect – A leadership development and outreach initiative designed to broaden the impact of the NSF ATE program through mentoring and knowledge transfer for technician education advancement among the nation’s two-year colleges.
  • Model Program of Study – outlines course requirements, defines skill sets, and creates a model program of study that is replicable and scalable nationally.
  • Industry-Recognized Certifications – in partnership with industry-leading organizations, the SCA has developed industry-recognized certifications and has partnered with educational institutions to define the relevant skills that prepare the next generation of automation workers. We work closely with educational providers to help them meet the curriculum and skills-development requirements that increase program success and prepare students for certification in the field.
  • – is an initiative of the South Carolina Advanced Technological Education Center of Excellence. The site provides a forum for enhanced faculty development and program improvement for technician and related STEM educators by stimulating the sharing of expertise, resources and successful practices.

Teaching Technicians is the nation’s premier destination for information related to professional development for technician and related STEM educators. Successful practices and resources are broadly shared to promote program improvement, resource development, and useful evaluation; and, students benefit.