Introduction to the Automated Warehouse

Foundational text for the 21st century Supply Chain Technician. It acquaints the reader with all the skillsets they need to succeed in an automated warehouse or distribution center. Videos, puzzles, games, illustrations, and interactive widgets vividly engage the reader while delivering the material in a way that is both fun and easy to understand.

e-Textbook Details

This eTextbook has a total of 14 chapters and has the option to utilize individual chapters, as many of the topics apply to other disciplines. The eTextbook and accompanying course are suitable for both high school or community college for either credit or non-credit classes, and can even be articulated between the two.

It serves as partial preparation for MSSC’s Certified Logistics Associate (CTA), Certified Logistics Technician (CLT) or Certified Technician-Supply Chain Automation (CT-SCA).

Instructor's Manual

An instructor’s manual is available to assist in planning and organizing courses that use this eText.

The manual includes learning objectives, sample syllabi, case studies appropriate for classroom discussions or homework assignments, additional supplemental exercises, and all eText review exercise solutions.

To obtain a copy of the instructor’s manual, please request it from Valorie Piper at

Lab Support Embedded Within Instructor's Manual

For those courses that include scheduled laboratory sessions, the manual provides a suite of activities that provide students with:

  1. career awareness within the material handling industry
  2. introductory lessons on the use of multimeters to measure current, voltage and resistance
  3. the use of programmable logic controller software to create a ladder logic program that controls a simple machine sequence
  4. the identification of various radio frequency identification tags
  5. a survey of introductory topics in shielded metal arc welding
  6. workplace communication activities that discuss body language and active listening, as well as telephone and email etiquette

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