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Welcome to the world of the Supply Chain Technician! Finding a career that meets your interests and talents and getting on the pathway to your first job is often challenging for high school and college students. Supply Chain Management and Automation is a growing career that offers interesting work and great pay at some of the country’s best employers.

Supply chain technicians are needed by all employers who practice supply chain principles. In particular, companies who operate warehouse and distribution centers are in need of SCTs. These companies span many industries including retail, manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical, food supply, as well as the Department of Defense. In addition, companies that manufacture, install and maintain supply chain equipment need supply chain technicians. Students with an interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) who enjoy hands-on work and jump at the chance to use the new technologies that make our fast-paced world function should explore careers available in materials handling, logistics, and the supply chain.

Are you ready to learn more about the career opportunities and exciting technologies being used by supply chain technicians? Learn about the occupations, skills, and growth opportunities on our Career Information page.

Colleges That Train Supply Chain Technicians

Like many technology-related positions, the Supply Chain Technician requires specialized education available at many community and technical colleges.

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Are you a military veteran looking for a career that uses the skills you acquired while enlisted? Many military occupational specialties encompass electrical, mechanical or logistical skills that are required in Supply Chain Automation jobs. Check out our resources specifically for people like you.

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