Ways to Engage

The National Center for Supply Chain Automation is committed to helping grow the supply chain technician workforce so that companies in the industry can tap into a talent pool that helps their business grow and thrive. Companies that partner with NCSCA have the opportunity to directly impact the talent pipeline, whether through engaging eager students in internships, field trips, and job shadowing, advising your local community college on industry focused curriculum, or sharing expertise at a national level by speaking at a conference. Below are a few ways our business partners are making an impact on the future workforce:

  • Serving as members of SCA’s Industry Leadership Team
  • Participating in Workforce Development Forums (as presenters or attendees)
  • Participating in SCA’s National Symposium (as a presenter or attendee)
  • Serving in an advisory capacity to a local college to guide curriculum development and revision related to SCA
  • Offering college or high school students the opportunity to tour an automated warehouse or distribution center
  • Presenting a guest lecture for an SCA course at a local college
  • Working with local college partners to launch an apprenticeship program for SCA
  • Working with local college partners to hire graduating SCTs

To learn more about joining our valued group of business partners, please contact us.

What our Business Partners are Saying

Scalable Solutions

If we want to address the challenges of growing the supply chain workforce, we need scalable solutions and credentialing like that developed by the SCA to increase participation in training programs.

Phil Jones
Director, Supply Chain Engineering, Target Corporation NCSCA Industry Leadership Team Member

Educational Partners

Building the supply chain workforce depends on having sufficient training programs for existing workers that grow and develop their skills so they can advance. Connecting with the right educational partners is critical.

Michael Muse
Senior Training Manager, Honeywell Integrated

Accessible Training Programs

The U.S. has a critical need to fill open jobs in multiple areas, with logistics at the top of the list. Training programs need to be accessible, sustainable, and replicable. SCA is bringing educators and industry professionals together to support filling the talent pipeline.

Wes Jury
Senior Advisor, MSSC