Accelerated Certificate & Employment (ACE) Graduate Earns A Supply Chain Technician Position At Target Distribution Center

“This new position will help me provide for my family.”

– Mark Merritt
ACE Graduate & Target Employee

The Accelerated Certificate & Employment (ACE) program offers accelerated certificates with an occupational emphasis. Norco College trains residents for careers in high-demand occupations, such as Automated Systems Technician, Computer Numerical Control Programmer, and Electrician. These programs offer the education and training necessary to lead individuals directly to employment.

This month we feature Mark Merritt, a student who successfully completed the ACE program and immediately found employment with Target.  Here is his story, in his own words:

“The ACE program at Norco College provided guidance and gave me insight about the variety of automated positions available in the local area. I learned that the concept of automation incorporates computer controlled devices along with various mechanical aspects. I appreciated the opportunity to create a bond with the professors and classmates as a result of the full-time schedule. Also, the program staff built connections with employers, which created a bridge between their open jobs and the students. This increased our employment opportunities upon completion of the ACE program. Although I am not a first time college student, this is the first time having such success after completion of a training program. There were many campus resources I found helpful, especially Norco College’s career resources. Despite some personal challenges, such as the usual juggling between family time and the school schedule and homework/study hours, the program ultimately improved my life. It provided me the skills, knowledge, and tools to progress in my career and ultimately landed me a great position at the Target Distribution Center. This new position will help me provide for my family. In the future, I see myself moving up the ladder to a lead or supervisor position and obtaining my Bachelors. I would like to thank Norco College for giving me an opportunity to put my career on a fast track so I can provide for my family. I would also like to thank all my professors and Norco staff for contributing to my success.”

– Mark Merritt, ACE graduate & Target employee