Success Story from the Norco College Accelerated Certificate & Employment Program

In order to help students like Ed Saenz who need to complete training and secure employment quickly, Norco College, host of the NCSCTE, created the Accelerated Certificate and Employment (ACE) program.  One of the program’s offerings allows students to prepare for work as a Supply Chain Technician in as little as six months.

Ed is a great example of a nontraditional student who returned to community college to gain new job skills and training for a second career. His instructors recognized his hard work by offering him a Lab Technician opportunity. Ed also completed his first round of interviews at Target Distribution Center in Rialto for a Technician opportunity and he is awaiting a response.

Here is his story, in his own words:

“In High School, my most interesting subject was science. After graduating with a series of electronics courses, I went to my first interview and was hired on the spot. This company was a manufacturer of offset printing presses.  Within a short time working for this company, I was given my very own company car, a tool bag and my own area with approximately 20 customers in Los Angeles. My duties were mainly preventative maintenance and support of printing equipment sold by the company. It was a great opportunity that supported me for many years.

Unfortunately, I was recently laid off after many years of working. Finding a job in this competitive workforce became more difficult than ever. Due to my latest layoff and some other unfortunate life situations that occurred, I was very discouraged. I was not doing very well, financially and emotionally, because of my unemployment status. However, I learned about the ACE program at Norco College which offers a certificate in Automated Systems in six months. I decided to pursue it. The staff at Norco College were very informative. I was invited to learn more about the program. The staff helped me every step of the way and before you know it, I was enrolled and attending classes. When I asked about tuition, the staff connected me with the financial aid department and helped me with all the paperwork. Also, the staff referred me to a temporary position for income to support my basic expenses. I truly appreciate the staff here at Norco College. I don’t only feel like a student but also part of a team which has the same goals-to help us learn, complete this program, and find a job.

I primarily chose this program because programmable logic controllers (PLCs) is the new big thing and there is a high demand for technicians in our region. Since beginning the ACE program, I am absolutely encouraged and excited at what will happen next. At this point, I am already submitting applications for employment and using my certificate as leverage. I am confident that employers will look positively upon it and choose me as their new employee.”

-Edward Saenz
Norco College ACE Program